Finding Home by Kate Austin @KateAVancouver




Finding Home

by Kate Austin


Farley Kim is a Navy SEAL so he’s used to orders. This time, he’s been ordered to New York by his beloved grandmother, where he finds her slowly recuperating from a near-fatal car accident. Natalia, her live-in nurse, isn’t Grandmother Kim’s usual pick for her grandson, but Farley can’t resist the sexy beauty who has taken such good care of the woman who brought him up. Nattie’s half in love with Farley from the stories his grandmother has told her during the long pain-filled nights. But when she sees him in person? He’s absolutely impossible to resist.



He had no idea how long he waited before there was a tentative knock on the door of the guest suite. Farley smiled to himself. Natalia was nervous and knowing that made him feel better about his own anxiety.

Farley figured that Natalia wouldn’t open the door, that she’d wait until he did so, wondering, somewhere in the back of her mind, whether he’d changed his. He hadn’t. And wouldn’t.

Standing on the inside of the door, he rested his head against the wood. “Natalia?” he asked, his voice husky and warm. “Will you come in? Will you be with me tonight?”

The few seconds that ticked by seemed like forever. The answer came as the door pushed back against his body, it came as she opened the door, stepped in, and then closed it behind her. It came as she moved into his arms and placed her head on his shoulder and whispered, “Yes, I will.”

Natalia wanted to finish by saying Yes. Yes. Yes to everything. To you. To us. To what we’ll do and what we’ll make together. But it was too soon, though she’d seen the same answers in his eyes.

The logistics of their relationship would be complicated, but they would be worth it. As she surrendered herself to Farley’s embrace, she thought of nothing but this moment between them. Not the future and not the complications.


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Kate Austin writes women’s fiction, romance, magic realism, paranormal, and erotica, sometimes short fiction, sometimes poetry, and sometimes novels. She blames her mother and her two grandmothers for her reading and writing obsession. All of them were avid readers, and they passed their books and their obsession on to her.





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